QCSA Direct auctions insurance salvage quickly at high margins for insurance companies

QCSA Direct is the Next Generation of insurance salvage management.

QCSA Direct's facilities operate under the highest standards in the business
Since QCSA Direct pioneered the online salvage auction in 1998, we’ve provided the insurance industry a seamless system of technology that supports the salvage process and brings a global audience of prospective buyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with results that are nothing short of amazing.

QCSA Direct’s innovative technology provides insurance companies with a direct link to our database. This key feature streamlines the tracking and bidding processes and reduces the amount of paperwork involved. It also allows us to provide insurance companies and other sellers with comprehensive real-time reports online and data that can be downloaded and manipulated by the client.

Insurance industry professionals developed the Salvage Direct system which is only one of five proprietary systems in the industry. It's maintained and enhanced regularly by an in-house Information Systems (IS) team.

Comprehensive Salvage Management
QCSA Direct handles as much – or as little – of the salvage process as you want. We are happy to work with your in-house salvage experts to expedite sales or run the entire show – from the time you assign your unit until settlement.

QCSA Direct invests heavily to maintain the most responsive customer service in the industryFrom the moment a vehicle gets damaged—in a single car accident, a massive natural disaster (click to learn about our CAT services) such as a hurricane or anything in between—QCSA Direct is prepared to handle every aspect of the process, starting with recovery.

QCSA Direct can send one of our experienced recovery crews to nearly anywhere in the country so fast they’re ready to start the moment recovery can safely begin. We even provide services in markets where we’ve never done business before.

From deploying full-service towing and storage services to coordinating a marketing campaign to alert local buyers, QCSA Direct provides timely and efficient services to get the job done right.

Our rapid deployment gives you a few distinct advantages when it comes to seeking a financial recovery: The first-to-market advantage and significantly reduced cycle time.

BenefitsQCSA Direct offers its facilities fpr supplier/partner training

  • Simple one-step assignments with either a single phone call, online entry, FAX or email!
  • Access to total salvage management services, including titling, logistics management, storage, and marketing
  • Training seminars and facilities
  • Increased exposure through a large-buying market of prescreened buyers offers the best possible return on their salvage
  • Lower storage costs due to shorter cycle time
  • Lower fee structure means better margins
  • Online format and quick processing allows you to process whole fleets swiftly
    • Quick cycle times means inventory turns into cash quickly
  • Absolutely guaranteed payments and secure processing
  • Packaging and conditioning activities will help you maximize returns
  • Market for wide range of vehicles and watercraft. QCSA Direct accepts all of the following:
    • Cars
    • Trucks
    • Boats
    • Motorcycles
    • Jet skis
    • Recreational vehicles
    • All-terrain vehicles
    • Snowmobiles
    • Commercial vehicles and equipment
    • Construction equipment

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